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71% of contact centers use AI today. Here are the top 10 AI use cases

71% of contact centers use AI today. Here are the top 10 AI use cases

AI has hit the exponential adoption in the contact center. Which begs the question, how is it being used today?

Contact center leaders are confident in AI playing a central role in improving their business operations. According to the Post-Pandemic Contact Center Report, more than two-thirds of contact centers (71%) use artificial intelligence for a variety of applications.

Benefits of AI in the contact center

That adoption has driven substantial benefits for the majority of AI-enabled contact centers.

More than 90% agree that artificial intelligence has enhanced their ability to collaborate, 85% say it has created more transparency, and 77% say it has helped bring down their overall costs.

Artificial intelligence technology adoption

That begs the question, how are contact centers actually using AI today? The chart below shows the top 10 AI implementations in contact centers today.

Analytics use cases

Digging deeper into the analytics use cases - agent analytics, predictive analytics, and interaction analytics, we can paint a clearer picture as to what analytics are actually being analyzed. 

In fact, nearly two-thirds believe that they need to implement new analytics technologies to achieve their contact center analytics goals. While a quarter don’t feel the need for new technology, another 17% are not sure. 

Below are the 5 primary areas of focus for measurement via contact center analytics.

Looking for more on the state of contact centers and AI?

The full report dives into AI implementations and decision making in Section 3, but also includes results and analysis on AX/CX technologies and use cases from leading contact center operators. Read the full report here.

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Joe Hanson
Growth Marketing, Observe.AI
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May 28, 2021

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