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5 Investments That Revenue-Generating Contact Centers Are Prioritizing Right Now (and You Should Too)

5 Investments That Revenue-Generating Contact Centers Are Prioritizing Right Now (and You Should Too)

New Data from the 2022 State of Contact Center Conversation Intelligence Report

Revenue is the lifeblood of every company—and now, the ability for contact centers to be more than a cost center and generate revenue is more critical than ever.

With uncertainty at an all-time high, contact centers are looking for ways to improve conversion rates and new bookings to fuel their bottom line, whether on outbound calls, inbound calls, or service calls.

What does this mean for contact center leaders?

For contact center and operations leaders, visibility into performance KPIs at the team and individual levels—and then mobilizing teams to move the needle—is critical.

For sales managers and trainers, improving sales efficiency comes down to knowing what works and what doesn’t so they can deliver the coaching that will drive the biggest impact.

For QA teams, it means knowing whether sales reps and agents are sticking to the script and exhibiting the behavior that will drive more sales, then working cross-functionally to deliver those insights.

For businesses in highly regulated markets, this requires confidence that your sales team is in compliance and not introducing risk to the organization.

Up and down the contact center, dialing in these initiatives require complete visibility into what’s discussed in customer conversations.

How you prioritize and invest can make or break the success.

Based on new data from the State of Contact Center Conversation Intelligence report, we’ve identified the five strategic areas of investment based on responses from more than 100 revenue-generating contact centers.

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Michael Lowe
Head of Content
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October 19, 2022

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