ūüöÄ We acquired ScopeAI to deliver omnichannel conversation intelligence. ūüĎĀ ūüĎĀ Read more about it here!

A Unique Approach to
Contact Center AI

Make your brand more human and enhance every customer experience while enabling smarter, faster business decisions.

Go Beyond Transcripts

Perform a deep analysis of audio and text streams with our proprietary SpeechNLP. This helps you detect sentiment and tone of voice. Provide richer coaching on key call moments, such as openers and closers.

Actionable Insights

Our AI surfaces topics that trigger a positive or poor customer experience so you can replicate top agents' behaviors. Frequent mentions, shifts in data, and anomalies are automatically flagged so you can dig deeper into the most meaningful voice of customer insights.

Built for Contact Centers

Automate tedious quality assurance tasks on day-one, including surfacing the best calls to QA and monitoring compliance. Access off-the-shelf analytics, including dead air, hold time, and more at the individual and contact center level.


How It Works

Best Speech Recognition for Contact Centers

Recognized as #1 in Enterprise Support for speech transcription, we offer higher accuracy than Google and Amazon. Our AI transcribes voice from millions of calls each week and improves with each call. SpeechNLP even picks up terms specific to your business, allowing for deeper insights and analysis.

Detect Silence Types

Silences in calls  provide revealing insights into where agents need more coaching. We identify every type of silence, including its cause and length. We differentiate between Dead Air, Hold Time, and more to more accurately gauge performance.

Measure Customer Sentiment

We provide context on customer sentiment by tagging all instances of strong emotions displayed toward your business & agents. Identify rockstar agents who turn customer’s negativity around, or reach out to unsatisfied customers to ensure exemplary service. 

Auto-Redact Sensitive Data

We know how important the safety & security of your customer’s PII and PCI data are to your business. Our technology automatically redacts all sensitive data from both audio and call transcripts ensuring that the entire platform is compliant.


Easy Integration & Deployment

Enable Agents with the Power of Contact Center AI