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Observe.AI launches Real-Time AI‍ to help contact centers drive sales and retain customers with end-to-end Conversation Intelligence

By uniquely leveraging post-interaction insights and historical data, Observe.AI introduces highly contextualized real-time agent guidance, live supervisor coaching, and automated actions

January 31, 2023
Press Release

San Francisco, CA - January 31, 2023 - Observe.AI, the live conversation intelligence platform for contact centers, today announced the launch of its new Real-Time AI product suite – designed to help agents succeed at every customer interaction and boost productivity with live guidance, supervisor coaching, and automated actions for after-call work.

Agents live at the heart of revenue generation and CX. Their behaviors and conversational proficiency directly influence business outcomes, from objection handling and upselling to nurturing loyalty. Agents who successfully adopt “advocacy” language and facilitate “easy” interactions can reduce customer frustration rates by up to 82.5% and increase the chance of sales conversion by over 80%. Understanding precisely how to navigate difficult call scenarios to save the sale or relationship – while the interaction is happening – is business-critical for agent work.

Observe.AI’s Real-Time AI introduces end-to-end conversation intelligence to the contact center that maximizes agent performance and productivity – before, during, and after customer interactions. Unlike other real-time solutions, Observe.AI leverages historical insights and agent performance data to personalize live guidance and coaching. This creates hyper-contextualized learning experiences for excelling in sales, CSAT, and compliance – tailored to the actual skill, behavior, and knowledge gaps of each agent. Supervisors can guide agents in-the-moment to delight every customer, as well as course-correct when things go wrong.

Real-Time AI also bolsters the supervisor’s impact on team performance through live call intelligence and coaching. Supervisor Assist provides a bird's eye view of all live customer interactions – including upsell opportunities, customer escalations, legal threats, and agent performance issues. This allows supervisors to gauge precisely what is happening in conversations, step in to offer targeted support when agents need it most, and save the calls before they end.

“We believe agents are pivotal in transforming contact center performance. When you coach scientifically on specific agent skills – instead of generic, one-size-fits-all coaching – your KPIs will fall in line,” said Swapnil Jain, CEO and Co-Founder of Observe.AI. “Observe.AI is changing real-time guidance by making it highly relevant to each and every agent, based on their actual performance data, so they are consistently coached in the right areas.”

Observe.AI customers have been using Real-Time AI to increase sales conversions by 10%, reduce hold time violations by 60%, and improve mini-Miranda script compliance by 95%. In the first 60 days of deploying Real-Time AI, American First Finance has reduced average handle time by 23%, increasing agent efficiency to take on 24% more customer calls.

“Observe.AI’s Real Time AI brings new levels of personalization to agent coaching,” said Tom Nusspickel, Chief Operations Officer of American First Finance. “It expands our universe of data and insights that inform real-time guidance, so our agents can focus on what’s actually relevant to them rather than be bombarded with irrelevant alerts. We feel we’re better positioned to act quickly and precisely to improve the service we provide to our customers and financial partners.”

Real-Time AI also introduces a no-code Experience Designer for effortlessly deploying custom agent experiences and personalizing the Real-Time interface for each agent or cohort. Furthermore, automated actions in Real-Time AI create consistent call notes across all interactions and improve CRM data quality.

Other features of Real-Time AI include:

  • Smart Scripts – keep agents on script with dynamic checklists that create consistency in call flow execution
  • Dynamic Prompts – provide timely, contextual recommendations and best practices for critical conversational moments like objection handling responses, upsell opportunities, customer questions, and compliance procedures
  • Knowledge Base (KB) Automation - automatically surfaces the most relevant KB articles to agents so they can immediately answer customer questions and resolve issues faster
  • Behavioral Coaching – delivers live conversation coaching to agents during calls for situations like hold time violations, negative customer sentiment, and fast speech rate
  • Supervisor Assist – helps contact center supervisors monitor live calls and prioritize interactions requiring their assistance or intervention, quickly and easily communicate with multiple agents, and keep remote teams in sync

“If you want to apply AI to improve customer conversations, you need to consider the full journey: before the contact, during the contact, and after the contact — across channels, too!”
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400 Million Reasons To Pay Attention To Contact Center AI, Christina McAllister, Senior Analyst - Customer Experience, Forrester, February 2022

For more information about Real-Time AI and to request a demo with Observe.AI, please visit: www.observe.ai/Real-Time-AI 

About Observe.AI  

Observe.AI is the fastest way to boost contact center performance with live conversation intelligence. Built on the most accurate AI engine in the industry, Observe.AI uncovers insights from 100% of customer interactions and maximizes frontline team performance through coaching and end-to-end workflow automation. With Observe.AI, companies can act faster with real-time insights and guidance to improve performance, from more sales to higher retention. Leading companies like Bill.com, Public Storage, and Accolade partner with Observe.AI to accelerate outcomes from the frontline to the rest of the business. For more information, please visit www.observe.ai.


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