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Observe.AI and Telarus Partner to Bring AI-Driven Speech Analytics and Quality Management Platform to Market

The Observe.AI and Telarus partnership will help contact centers unlock conversational insights from 100% of their calls and coach agents in the process.

March 3, 2020
Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO--Observe.AI, the leader in AI-powered speech analytics and quality management for voice customer service, today announced that it has partnered with Telarus, the largest U.S.-based technology services distributor (master agent). Observe.AI’s Contact Center AI platform will be the first of its kind in Telarus’ portfolio of suppliers. With Observe.AI, top brands can unlock conversational insights across 100% of their calls and coach agents to improve the customer experience.

"Legacy speech analytics systems fail to meet today’s demands because they’re disconnected from agent coaching and training, take months to implement, and offer historically low transcription accuracies,” said Swapnil Jain, CEO and co-founder of Observe.AI. “Our Telarus partnership allows top brands to immediately change agent behavior by analyzing 100% of calls with the best possible accuracy in contact center environments and completely automate some parts of the evaluation process."

Thousands of global contact center agents are coached with Observe.AI, which provides a detailed look at how top agents structure calls so those tactics can be replicated.

“With transcription accuracy of over 80% and an average onboarding time of three to four weeks, Observe.AI is paving the way for a faster, more accurate solution that will revolutionize the way contact centers do business,” said Brandon Knight, VP of Business Development - CCaaS at Telarus.

About Observe.AI

Observe.AI, a leader in Contact Center AI, transforms customer experiences and improves agent performance by helping top brands analyze 100% of calls and streamline quality assurance workflows. With Observe.AI, businesses transcribe every call with high accuracy and coach agents while gaining full visibility into their customer service operations. Observe.AI brings the power of agent assistance, automatic speech recognition, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to modern contact centers and their frontline teams.

About Telarus

Built for You, Telarus is the largest privately-held technology services distributor (master agent) in the United States. Our dynamic agent-partner community sources data, voice, cloud, and managed services through our robust portfolio of 200 leading service providers. We are best known for our home-grown software pricing tools and mobile apps that are unique in the industry. To help our partners grow their businesses, we've assembled the best support organization in the industry, which includes cybersecurity, SD-WAN, Cloud, mobility, contact center, and ILEC specialty practices whose primary goal is to help our partners identify and design the right technology solutions for their customers. To learn more about the Telarus opportunity, please visit telarus.com, or follow us on Twitter @Telarus.


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