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Drive 10X better contact center results

Transcribe and analyze 100% of your agent-customer conversations, and surface insights that improve CX, drive revenue growth, boost operational efficiency and mitigate compliance risk

Identify how top reps overcome objections, then replicate that behavior across your team.

Understand what customers are saying about your products and offerings.

Find out the underlying reasons for customer dissatisfaction.

Uncover common blockers to sales conversion and growth.


Understand conversation data in a whole new way

Access highly accurate transcripts across channels to explore trends across the contact center. Track new market needs, assess business offerings, and expand your lens into customer experience and engagement. Our AI Engine analyzes millions of conversations and delivers search results within seconds to accelerate time to action.

Uncover key moments that make or break CX

Easily organize and categorize your conversations with Moments, a powerful feature that helps you identify, track and act on insights that are the most meaningful to your business. Assess agent behaviors, track best practice adherence, uncover product feedback, understand DSAT drivers and blockers to sales conversions.
Ken Cohen
VP of Business Development & Consumer Sales

“It is an easy to implement tool which also allows you to create “Moments” within the blink of an eye, driving sales up and customer issues down while ensuring a positive customer experience.”

Paritosh Pathak
Chief Information Officer

"Observe.AI is critical for training agents on the job, improving compliance, and catching trends around keywords being said. The platform brings wisdom of the entire system to that agent, and empowers them with data.”

Kyle Kizer
Manager Customer
Service Operations

“Observe.AI lets us filter through thousands of calls, find pain points, analyze customer feedback, and act with urgency to improve our CX. Also strategically plan innovative efforts based around the customer, for the customer.


Discover the nuances of communication

Find keywords and phrases related to the ones you’re already tracking. Our Discovery Engine recommends all possible variations so you understand the nuances of how customers and agents communicate and get more comprehensive insights from your conversations.

Decipher the meaning and
context behind conversations

Leverage built-in intelligence powered by machine learning to account for specific cues like tone, speech rate, speaker volume, silence and overtalk to decipher positive and negative customer sentiment across your conversations.

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