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Contact Center AI that Drives Business Outcomes

Built on the industry’s most accurate AI engine that analyzes 100% of interactions across channels, Observe.AI maximizes agent performance, pinpoints new revenue and coaching opportunities, and up-levels quality assurance and compliance.

Get insights that drive business outcomes

Know what’s happening in your business with conversation intelligence fueled by our best-in-class AI engine.

Boost performance with automation

Evaluate 100% of customer interactions to capture every coaching opportunity and uplevel your frontline teams.

Visualize what works and what doesn’t

Whether in service or sales, easily identify what’s driving higher satisfaction, faster resolutions, and higher conversion rates.

Make every agent a superstar

Provide personalized coaching that helps current agents thrive and new ones ramp. See agent progress with individual and team scorecards.

Understand every interaction.
Uplevel contact center business outcomes.

“Observe.AI’s solution has enhanced Accolade's CX tech stack. Our care team is now able to focus exclusively on the members and their needs and proactively improve customer satisfaction.”

Ardie Sameti
Director, AI & Automation

Conversation Intelligence

Our best-in-class AI engine analyzes customer interactions across every channel, giving you visibility into what's happening in your business.

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“We get full visibility into customer conversations to unlock new insights on customer care.”

Marty Sarim
President & CEO

Quality Assurance

Monitor quality of the conversations that matter the most across channels. Rapidly evaluate agent performance and deliver contextual feedback that inspires action.

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“We can move away from check-boxes and focus on real skill development.”

Dale Sturgill
VP Call Center Operations

Auto QA

Automatically score 100% of your interactions so you can coach your agents based on reality. Avoid spot-checking QA and turn every conversation into business-improving intelligence to act on.

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"Auto QA offers transparency and visibility into our business across a large sample of customer interactions so we can better coach our agents.”

Brady Robinson
Speech Analyst

Agent Performance & Coaching

Provide an engaging and impactful experience to every agent. Gain a holistic line of sight into agent performance and support agents with situational context plus targeted coaching feedback.

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"With data and examples, coaching is less personal and more impactful.”

Tammi Zelm
VP, Customer Experience

Reporting & Analytics

Make business-improving decisions with focused, actionable reporting on customer conversations, agent performance, and critical contact center metrics.

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“Reporting & Analytics allows us to deepen our understanding of the member experience with greater precision.”

Tod Kehrli
Senior Director of Technology Services

A best-in-class AI engine lies at the core of everything we do

Observe.AI infuses the most effective, accurate machine learning technology into everything you do, with intelligent models built especially for contact center workflows.

Highly accurate transcription with speech recognition trained on more than 10 million calls.

Speaker separation on time-stamped audio and transcripts simplifies search and analysis.

Sentiment analysis identifies instances of negative and positive emotions displayed toward your business and agents.

Silence detection identifies important types of silence and its cause, differentiating between dead air, hold time, and other pauses.

Automated redaction programmatically removes sensitive data from both audio and transcripts, ensuring compliance and protecting customer privacy.

Entity detection identifies people, locations, and organization names within your conversations.



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