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Analyze 100% of interactions, fix broken QA workflows, and provide actionable coaching.

We walk through all major features including our dashboard, evaluations, coaching, and so much more.

What you'll see:
➔ The Observe.AI Dashboard: your mission control
➔ AI-powered Moments: customizable and pre-built interaction monitoring
➔ Workflows: using insights to drive action
➔ Conversation view: a deep dive into a specific conversation
➔ QA evaluations: seamless evaluations with AI automation
➔ Coaching and team reports: who needs coaching on what, and the impact of your coaching programs
➔ And more useful tidbits like transcription accuracy, auto-suggest, and sentiment analysis...

Our customers love us

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Paritosh Pathak
Chief Information Officer

"Observe.AI is critical for training agents on the job, improving compliance, and catching trends around keywords being said. The platform brings wisdom of the entire system to that agent, and empowers them with data.”