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Chrome extension Privacy Policy

The chrome extension is created by Observe.AI, to extend agent capabilities in real time.

Who should use this extension?
This extension is created for Observe.ai users/customers only. This is owned and managed by Observe.AI

Why should they use it?
This extension should be used for identifying CCAAS specific events for the Agent Assist application.

Benefit of using this extension.
This extension will help Observe.ai’s customers to use the Agent assist application and get real time insights into calls.

Which websites will this be applicable on
The extension will be applicable only on websites that have a CCAAS based softphone.A CCAAS based softphone is a call dialer that enables user to make/receive calls on their system.

Details about Observe.AI extension :
We process Personal Information & information from users which includes account name, email, and password, on behalf of our contracted customers.

This extension is to detect call events like call start, end, hold, mute, etc.
1. Users need to login to their account via the login form in the extension’s popup.
2. The extension will load up for CCAAS dialler based URLs and observe for changes in the DOM to detect call events like call start, call end, etc.
3. If logged in, the event will be sent to the backend from where the backend will inform our real time desktop app about the call event.

What data do we collect from the call agent?
We collect the following data from the call agent via a login form:Account name [PI]Email id [PI]Password [Authentication]

What data is stored / persisted?

The account name and email address are stored in the Chrome Storage on endpoint devices (under the data subjects control) along with the authentication tokens received from Observe’s infrastructure.We may also authenticate the user by communicating with the Observe desktop application, if installed.In future, we may migrate this logic such that the user is redirected to app.observe.ai for logging in and our extension will validate the authentication tokens from app.observe.ai (from the localstorage).

How do we use the data?
This data flow is a part of the services we provide to our corporate customers. We use the data to send call based events like call started, etc from the CCAAS dialler to our backend. The login token is sent with these call based events so that the backend can identify for which user the call event occurred.

What do we do while accessing a CCAAS dialler’s DOM?
We observe changes in DOM of the CCAAS’s dialler to detect whether a call has started, put on hold, removed from hold, muted, unmuted or ended.On detection of an event, we log this in our backend/server.

Is any personal data shared with third parties?


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