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Contact center excellence. Fueled by AI.

Observe.AI is an Intelligent Workforce Platform that transforms contact centers by infusing AI into 100% of customer conversations, optimizing agent performance and automating repeatable workflows that drive revenue and retention.

A force multiplier for your contact center

The secret to breakthrough results

Understand: Gain 100% visibility into customer conversations. Turn every interaction into business-improving intelligence.

Empower: Boost employee productivity through AI-driven evaluations and context-driven coaching. Evaluate in a fraction of the time and coach with confidence.

Improve: Create a powerful feedback loop that drives continuous improvement across every customer touch point.

See how IT WORKS
Marty Sarim
President & CEO

Supercharge Efficiency

"Observe.AI's platform gives us full visibility into customer conversations so we can train agents faster and optimize operations where it matters most."

See how ERC drove an 87% improvement in efficiency ↗
Ken Cohen
VP of Business Development & Consumer Sales

Boost Revenue & Growth

“Having Observe.AI be an extra “set of eyes and ears” has been invaluable. It is an easy to implement tool which also allows you to drive sales up and customer issues down.”

See how JK Moving drove 74% revenue growth ↗
Tammi Zelm
VP of CX

Unlock customer retention

“With Observe.AI, we gain a more intimate understanding of what is important to our customers so we can be proactive in offering solutions.”

See how Emtek delivered 4x performance feedback to improve CX ↗
Vince Trotter
VP of Client Success

Manage risk and compliance

“Observe.AI has enabled us to reduce risk like never before, evaluate calls with greater efficiency and have a line of sight into day-to-day operations.”

See how NDR expertly manages risk while increasing productivity by 2x ↗

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