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Sales Performance

Level up your teams to fuel growth

Uncover what is keeping your sales reps from driving one-call closes and coach to increase conversion rates and new bookings at scale.
Be the “eyes and ears” of your sales process and coach to increase one-call-closes.
Improve adherence to talk tracks on discovery, pricing, and qualifying.
Close performance gaps that are contributing to low quota attainment.

Gain full visibility into your sales conversations

Leverage intelligence from every B2C sales interaction to understand your sales process and catch opportunities to make improvements.
Curtis Bragg
Chief Growth Officer

"Observe.AI offered significant promise to add value to our business, and aligned with the Turnpoint growth strategy of incremental improvement of every stage of the customer interaction."

Drive consistency across every interaction

Treat every interaction like a growth opportunity. Ensure sales rep adherence to best practices and make performance-improving adjustments through targeted and personalized coaching.
Sales reps learn from every missed opportunity to connect, engage, and sell ↗

Turn middle performers into top performers

Stack rank your sales reps to surface discrepancies in performance. Exceed quota attainment goals with targeted evaluations and coaching on qualifying, price-quoting and closing.
Dive into individual activity to find reps in need of coaching with Agent Reports.
Conduct root cause analysis to surface low performance drivers.
Customize evaluation forms to track and monitor progress of performance goals.
Export data to other enterprise and BI tools to show trends and improve.
See how IT WORKS

Identify new revenue streams

Analyze what consumers are calling in about the most, and take action on opportunities to create new service offerings that meet the demand.
See how Your Mechanic drove a 4x increase in bookings and improved agent empathy scores by 32% ↗
Ken Cohen
VP of Business
Development &
Consumer Sales

“The power of the platform is limited to the individual user’s imagination. It truly forces you to rethink what is possible.”


Fuel productivity in a platform your team will use (and love).