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Quality Checks & Compliance

Do you spend a ton of time quality checking just 1-2% of calls? We’ll help you monitor 100% of calls with AI so you can:

  • Surface the best calls to QA
  • Jump to the most relevant call moments within a searchable transcript
  • QA a 30-minute call in just a few minutes
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Targeted Coaching & Training

Do you give agents in-depth feedback just once or twice a month? Let’s change that so you can offer targeted coaching with real proof. We’ll help you:

  • Set performance benchmarks across 100% of calls
  • Identify top agents & gaps in performance a call
  • test

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Operational Improvements

How are you uncovering inefficiencies in your processes? With our real-time report, you’ll see how your team performs across more than twelve contact center metrics and trends over time. Dig deeper into:

  • What’s driving silence and Dead Air on calls
  • Why some agents have higher or lower Average Handle Times (AHT)
  • Cause drivers of Negative Sentiment & Supervisor Escalations
  • Agent adoption of brand guidelines and messaging  
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Voice of Customer Insights

Did you just launch a new product or service and want to understand how customers are reacting to it? Or, are you trying to uncover unmet customer needs? Mine powerful Voice Insights from 100% of conversations. With these insights you can:

  • Identify trends and new business opportunities 
  • Uncover what customers are saying about your product, service, and delivery
  • Make the case to upper management with data
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Sales Conversions

Have a Sales team making outbound calls? Do you know how they pitch your product. what works and what doesn't? Observe.AI Insights feature allows you to:

  • Compare your agents on how they are pitching the product or service
  • Create the 'Best Pitch' though the agent responses that work
  • Build a repository of feedback and measure the individual progress
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