Use cases

Voice of Customer

Launched a new product and not sure how your customers are reacting to it? Or, have your sales dropped in a certain geography all of a sudden and you can't figure out why?
Observe.AI platform allows you to :

  • Get nuggets of valuable insights from your voice "gold mine"
  • Understand what are your customers saying about the new product, service, delivery and more
  • See moving trends over weeks and months
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QA and Compliance

Spend a lot of time listening to calls for QA? We got you! With Observe.AI insights, you can:

  • QA a 30 min call in less than a minute
  • Quickly jump to the most relevant parts of a call
  • Ensure 100% compliance for mandatory readouts and much more
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Illustration of QA and Compliance

Agent Coaching & Training

Do you give feedback to an agent once in a month? Maybe we can change that! With Observe.AI 'Feedback' feature:

  • Send feedback to your agents in near real time
  • Automate notifications when the agent misses an important part of the call
  • Track agent performance post feedback
  • Create a repository of feedback and measure individual progress
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Illustration of coaching and training.

Operational Improvements

What is your Agent to Call Volume ratio? Is the Average Handling Time of your agents is higher than expected? Observe.AI machine learning models allow you to:

  • Identify silence and dead air within a call
  • Compare agents that show higher than average AHT and have unusual amount of Dead Air in their calls
  • Deep dive into calls with low CSAT score and identify what led to the low score
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Sales Conversions

Have a Sales team making outbound calls? Do you know how they pitch your product. what works and what doesn't? Observe.AI Insights feature allows you to:

  • Compare your agents on how they are pitching the product or service
  • Create the 'Best Pitch' though the agent responses that work
  • Create a repository of feedback and measure the individual progress
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Turn every agent into your best brand representative.
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