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Source: G2 Review Nov 2022

Why Brands Choose Observe.AI Over Level AI?



Deep Industry

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Observe AI vs Level AI

Voice AI-First versus Chat AI-First
Level AI leverages third-party NLP for refining transcription, limiting their accuracy. Built for chat interactions, Level AI’s models are not optimized for voice and can’t accurately understand business and industry-specific terms, sales intent, and customer sentiment.
Observe.AI delivers 90%+ transcription accuracy with a proprietary AI engine trained on 500M+ voice and text interactions for contact centers. Our AI models tracks sales insights, customer sentiment, sales conversion, sales rep behavior, compliance adherence, CSAT, and competitor mentions.
Post-Interaction and Real-Time AI
Limited impact on real-time performance and ROI with no insights from post-interaction analytics. Limited functions to create a custom sales rep experience for faster selling in real-time.
Experience designer in real-time customizable to your sales process. AI-driven real-time guidance to handle sales objections, upsell new products, handle competitive mentions, price negotiations, etc. Track all business KPIs with actionable Reporting & Analytics.
Sales Management
No centralized view for sales managers/heads that combines post-interaction with real-time trends. Level also doesn't enable team leaders to provide integrated sales coaching or immediate intervention.
Observe.AI augments post-interaction sales coaching sessions with Real-Time Supervisor Assist, giving sales leaders a 360° view of live calls, trends, and access to live transcripts to change call outcomes and improve sales rep performance on the fly.
Integrated Auto QA & Sales Coaching
Level AI automates QA in a black box. There is no mechanism to find the accuracy of QA scores, calibrate it, or integrate it with coaching workflows. Updating QA forms can take a long time, and you’ll have to vet syntax manually. The lack of integrated coaching means you don’t know “who to coach” and “what to coach on.”
Observe.AI's no-code intuitive machine automation rules lets you customize and calibrate the QA process. Test it, trust it, automate it. Centralized coaching dashboards let you see historical sales rep performance on the team or individual level and tell you “who to coach” and “what to coach on.”
Deep Industry Expertise
Level AI is a relatively new company in the contact center AI space (founded 2 years later than Observe). Their team is 1/3rd the size of Observe.AI. This limits their depth of expertise and innovation.
Observe.AI serves F500 companies like ADT Inc, Public Storage, Root Insurance, etc., spread across all industry verticals. Our AI is trained in over 500M+ interactions to help improve customer experience and increase sales.

Having Observe.AI be an extra “set of eyes and ears” has been invaluable. Sales are up and customer issues down, all while ensuring a positive customer experience.

SVP Business Development & Sales
Customer Services

Observe.AI Real-Time Suit

Your ‘In-The-Moment’ CX, Sales and Productivity Coach

Experience Designer | Agent Assist | Supervisor Assist | Automated Call Notes | Real-Time Insights
  • In-the-moment guidance
  • Smart script & alerts
  • AI-automated after-call work
Cross-leverage Real-Time Insights in Post-Interaction Workflows

Observe.AI Post-Interaction Suite

Identify Conversation Trends, Up-Level QA & Maximize Coaching Opportunities

Moment Builder | Conversation Intelligence Dashboards | QA and Auto-QA | Coaching | Analytics
  • Targeted sit-down coaching
  • Areas of opportunities
  • Performance trends
Cross-leverage Post-Interaction Insights in Real-Time Workflows
Example: Create sales rep experiences based on QA & sales coaching results

"Observe.AI gives us insight into customer conversations so we can better optimize agent performance and improve our policyholder experience to boost revenue and customer experience, all while maintaining compliance standards."Observe.AI gave us a single source of truth to pinpoint where we were struggling with cross-selling and upselling, and help us coach to improve. With teams adhering to sales scripts, sales quota attainment has increased to 103%, which has led to a 13% increase in revenue year-over-year.”