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One place to rapidly transcribe calls, evaluate agents, and improve CX quality. Coach high-performing teams.

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Increase in Bookings
increase in conversion rate
increase in CSAT
increase in QA Efficiency

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Analyze Every
Call & Interaction

Monitor a 30 minute call in just a few minutes. Automatically surface the most important interactions to improve, such as compliance gaps, coaching opportunities, and displays of strong customer sentiment.

Well, that was easy.

Evaluate More Calls in Half the Time

Spend less time scoring calls and more time delivering engaging, data-driven feedback to agents. Play and score calls in one view. Access a tagged and timestamped transcript to get a quick pulse of the conversation.

All in one place!

Coach &
Motivate Agents

Show agents how to improve by leaving personalized coaching tips right within the transcript. Boost transparency and morale by using data to help the agents who need it most quickly.

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"Observe.AI's platform gives us full visibility into customer conversations so we can train agents faster and unlock new insights on customer care."
Marty Sarim, President & CEO, ERC
"Success for our team means bringing out the best in each agent. We're able to do that by throwing out the one size fits all coaching approach and tailoring conversations on an individual basis."
Kyle Kizer, Compliance Manager, Root Insurance
"Observe.AI is a full, interactive tool for us to find our shortcomings, discover what we're doing well, determine what we need to put into place, and in the future do QA unlike any other call center."
Dale Sturgill, VP Operations, Employbridge
"We've moved away from the term 'quality analysts' to 'customer experience coaches.' They're spending less time going through checkboxes, and more time interacting with agents."
Shurland Buchanan, Chief Learning Officer, itelbpo

Meet our Coaching & AI Experts

Observe.AI helps you know what's happening on 100% of calls. Coach agents on how to improve CX quality.
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Customer Success
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Sales Engineering
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Partnerships & Alliances
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